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Shredder makes those contributions to environmental protecti

It is well known that shredder is an important equipment used for crushing waste materials. In the process of crushing, the most important parts are the blades. SGUGUANG machinery is a professional shredder manufacturer, strong technical force, is a reliable large enterprise.

Biaxial shredding machine used in crushing plastics, rubber, fiber, paper, wood, large-scale hollow material (plastic and other large container), and a variety of mixed waste, especially waste containing metal, or is broken silt easy wear of cutting tool such as waste. For example: winding film, woven bag, TV, refrigerator shell, wood, sedan and medium car tire, hollow barrel, fishing net, cardboard, circuit board, etc.

In the production and use of equipment, what are the important role of blades in production? First, the thickness of the mechanical tool and the number of knives can be changed according to different materials. The crushing hollow material can be equipped with the pressure material device to increase the output. The size of the material can be controlled by adding rotary screen.

General wear-resisting material according to the nature of materials can be pided into metal wear-resisting material, high polymer wear-resisting material, ceramic materials and composite materials such as wear-resisting, zhengzhou huitong machinery will be shredded material according to the user to select material for the user to create a series of wear-resistant cutter and wear-resistant parts, users don't look down upon the design of this series of wear-resistant material selection and its working environment has great influence in the future, is also a wear resistant material, if it is not targeted, contact between the wear parts and pieces, or affect the shredded environment temperature and humidity changes can make a difference in the different environment, if your shredding machine is crush metal shredding machine, and wear parts choose not compound wear-resisting material or other targeted wear-resisting material, its service life and efficiency, will not have the purpose of the wear parts, the shredding machine don't have any value.

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