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Wood shredder used in wood industry

Wood shredder is a multi-function, strong commonality of equipment, using standardized modular design, better parts interchangeability, auxiliary knife die forgings refined but become, the butcher is made of special alloy steel after special craft, has good abrasion resistance and high strength, driving part adopts intermediate gear transmission, form a differential relationship. Screen removal is convenient and simple, the shape is beautiful and easy and compact.

Timber shredder equipment due to the particularity of shredded raw material, we specifically for the cutting tool was improved, and a lot of lumber are cylindrical or square, cylindrical wood after entering the shredding machine, with the rotation of the cutting tool, log it's easy and with rotation, not easy to get stuck wood, thus causing the waste of time, reduce work efficiency, also the wood also is such, zhengzhou shuguang mechanical design of timber wood cutter is more advantageous to stuck shredding machine equipment, prevent the reversal of the wood are useless, so more shredding machine of wood can increase the work efficiency.

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