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The difference between two - axis shredder and single - shaf

Shredder equipment is developed in recent years new crushing grinding equipment, the main purpose is to smash up some ordinary crusher can't should not be broken pieces of material, common in multi-axis shredding machine for biaxial shredding machine, also become the biaxial crusher. Another four axis shredding machine equipment in time, uniaxial shredding machine equipment and biaxial is essentially the difference between a shredding machine equipment, single shaft shredder equipment of the tool and biaxial is different also, and the biaxial shredding machine is different, the biaxial shredding machine USES is dentate tools, has a certain axis and two rotation and speed difference, resulting in a tear, states slow speed, torque, high grinding efficiency, suitable for broken wood, living garbage, eat hutch waste, medical waste, metal waste and other materials. Uniaxial shredding machine equipment principle of work and biaxial, uniaxial shredding machine equipment principle of work is through uniaxial rotating drive shaft protruding above the cutter knife cut off material to a crushing effect, which is equivalent to teeth chew, chew away little by little pieces of material to achieve.

Shredding machine and double spindle shredding machine, by contrast, energy efficiency, energy consumption of the uniaxial higher energy consumption, lower the energy consumption of the biaxial, shredding machine blade by clicking on the belt drive, and then through the reducer blade slow, torque, crushing ability. Normally biaxial the applicability of the shredding machine is stronger, so the biaxial shredding machine usage is more, uniaxial shredding machine in discarded plastic tubing wall after PE pipe has certain usage in the old block of plastic recycling. In the case of shredding, the single-axis pulverized pieces are smaller, and the broken pieces of the twin shafts are larger.

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