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How to deal with old tires?

Customs data show that the approaches of comprehensive utilization of waste tires have a prototype system, the renovation of old tires, heat energy utilization, thermal decomposition, the production methods such as reclaimed rubber, rubber powder production.

However, according to the current situation, the amount of recycled rubber used in our country is very small, and the recycling rate is only 5%, which is 3 ~ 4 percentage points lower than the foreign advanced level. In addition, about 2 percent of waste tires have been piled up for a long time, making it difficult to degrade and becoming a source of "black pollution". China's use of waste tires is mainly the production of reclaimed rubber, tire renovation, production of vulcanized rubber powder, etc., it is understood that these companies more than 8% for small and medium enterprises, small, low market competition ability. Most of the tire enterprises are not equipped with high equipment, weak technical strength and incomplete test equipment, which affect the improvement of the quality of refurbished tyres. According to expert introduction, in our country, as a result of waste tyre recycling belong to public welfare undertakings, the processing of low value-added products, plus China resources waste tires, decentralised, the high cost of recycling, processing, transportation, and historical reason of poor staff, heavy debt burden, enterprise economic benefits, most enterprises loss is serious, the production and business operation is unsustainable and scrap tire recycling industry development is low.

The foreign treatment method is worth borrowing

How to deal with waste tires is a worldwide problem, but some countries' solutions are worth learning. It is understood that in the United States, Japan and many European countries, there are a number of cement plants, power plants, paper mills, steel mills, such as old tires are use for fuel, its effect is very good, not only reduces the production cost, and cure the environmental problems caused by waste tires. One way is through the prototype system will waste tire bead and separation, then according to the need to tire body cut into different size of the strip, using the strip network woven elastic, collision block wall, mat, etc., used in construction and blasting construction site slungshot falling objects, and protection of the dock, temporary pavement reinforcement. In addition, the tire from the used tires can also be processed into a sewer pipe.

French technicians will waste tires into symmetrical two and a half, and then 20 degrees tilt lay flat, to facilitate drainage, to cover the wall with metal grille as fire protection plate, it's built green sound attenuation and sound-absorbing wall excellent results. The electromagnetic shock method developed by the Ukrainian scientists is the use of the electromagnetic field to form the pulse magnetic field inside the used tires, which separates the rubber from the metal. The separated rubber and tire wire retain the original properties and functions, which can be used to make tires again. In addition, the use of this method also shortens the cycle of waste tires. The biggest problem facing the recycling industry in China is the lack of laws and regulations and guidelines. It is understood that the economic developed countries attach great importance to the recycle of waste tires were established through legislation, specialist agencies, financial subsidies, provide a variety of measures such as tax breaks to give full support. As early as 1992 in Quebec, Canada set up waste tyre recycling management committee, and every processing a tire through legislation to give two c subsidies, the United States also give $0.4 ~ 4 subsidies. In Taiwan, a waste tire subsidy of nt $3200. In Hong Kong, the special administrative region handles a waste tyre subsidy of hk $485. On the mainland, there is no subsidy.

Compared with developed countries, our government's support is obviously insufficient. Yuan zhongxue, deputy director of China national rubber and tire engineering technology research center, believes that legal standards should be developed as soon as possible to promote recycling of rubber resources.

Experts suggest that the disposal fee of waste tires should be collected in the production and sales links of the tyres, which can be imitated by the general practice of producer extension system in western developed countries. Second, the transportation, storage, processing and reusing waste tires strict permit system, policies to encourage the specification with strength of tyre recycling enterprises enter the field of waste tyre recycling, and certain subsidies, through economic leverage to regular the enthusiasm of enterprises engaged in the recycling industry; In addition, should introduce policies to encourage tyre retreading enterprises tyre management and service for the owners, prolong the service life of tires, reduce the production of waste tires, ensure the quality of renovation tire body controlled from the source, and resolutely bar the refining method of small factories, clamp down on some small production over tyres, reclaimed rubber and rubber powder is not blind development, hitting the market at a lower price in accordance with state regulations, disturbing the order of market enterprise, raise the cost of environmental law, to the recycling of waste tyres, to create a good market environment.

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