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What caused the shredder to vibrate at work?

About shredding machine use inspection users should all know, Industrial shredder operation, can present the status of the sensation, but if sensation frequency is bigger, so are likely to be present's wrong with the machine. Now let's take a look at what caused the explosion during the shredding process.

1. Tearing the rotor of the electromechanical machine and the rotor of the shredder;

2. The rotor of the shredder is different;

3. The original balance is broken;

4. The anchor bolts of the shredder system are loose or not securely fastened;

5. Shredding machine blades break or damage the interior of hard clutter.

Is Kowloon machinery for more than five users friends analyzing the elements of the common shredding machine hit, these will form the shredding machine operation process rolling imbalance, and cause the machine in the stir constantly. Therefore, to check regularly, about the hard work of the hammer. In substitution, symmetric substitution; The abnormal sound of the shredder in the operation of shredding machine should be immediately stopped to check for the cause and timely processing.

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