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Where's the rubber shredder?


With the development of the construction of the metal two enterprises, the shredder will also meet the huge market demand. The internal knife plate of the shredder is encrypted, the number of the hook is added, the blade is made of silicon chromium alloy, and the blade is treated with complicated quenching to improve its wear resistance. It can directly put the waste into the machine, rotate through the blade, make the waste material into small pieces or granules, and then retract the use, which saves the money and also maintains the environment. The machine mainly has double shaft single drive, double shaft double drive and advanced four-axis kneading feeding transmission. The machine is composed of blade spindle, bearing box and box bracket, electric system and electric control system. Rubber shredding machine is dawn heavy industry through many years research and practice, and according to the actual situation to improve domestic development, advanced skills, sophisticated and planning of biaxial shredding machine series, for our country's waste recovery use early broken, supply capacity reduction processing quality reliable equipment.

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