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Can a hammer crusher be used to crush coal

Hammer crusher, can be larger size material (600-1800mm),one-time crushing to fine or coarse powder ≤25mm, with both crushing and coarse grinding capabilities, is used in mineral processing, cement, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, highways and other fields.So the question is can the hammer crusher be used to crush coal? This article introduces you to the analysis.

1. Can the hammer crusher crush coal?

Is the hammer crusher suitable for crushing coal? The answer is yes, due to the low hardness of coal, general crusher stone equipment can be competent for coal crushing, but if you want to use cone crusher as the second crushing equipment, the price will be more expensive, and the cost of crushing coal will be higher. It is very reasonable to choose a hammer crusher, which can crush coal into small particles or powder at a time, and the equipment itself is low in price, flexible in operation, large in output, and more cost-effective overall. Therefore, the use of a hammer crusher to crush coal is more appropriate. If your site is not fixed, you can choose our mobile coal crusher, click to view detailed information.

2. Advantages of hammer crusher crushing coal

1. One-time molding, saving money

The process design is simplified, with both fine crushing and coarse grinding functions, realizing one-time forming and pulverizing of coal, saving secondary crushing, and reducing cost by about 25%.

2. Simple operation and stable process

The internal structure design is scientific and reasonable, can realize the centralized control of the circuit, the whole crushing process is stable and reliable, the operation is simple and convenient, and the failure rate is effectively reduced by more than 45%.

3. High efficiency and high yield, energy saving and consumption reduction

The hammer head is more scientific in design, with higher impact energy, high crushing efficiency, large output, low energy consumption, wide crushing range, and it can also complete the crushing operation well for water-bearing coal.

4. Green and environmental protection, the effect is quite good

Equipped with more mature dust removal and silencer devices, it can better control all pollution such as dust and noise within the standard range to meet green production, and it has its own screening during crushing, which does not block coal, and discharges uniformly and meticulously.

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