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Using the template shredder improves the production efficien

The specific social benefits and economic benefits of the used template shredder are applicable to a large number of wood enterprises and family wood mills. Now large department wood enterprises have promoted the equipment, using the template shredder equipment to greatly improve the production efficiency.

Template shredding machine can be all kinds of bamboo veneer, wood pallets, wood floor, building templates, wood scraps, the stump, small wood, plate edge, bark, bamboo, bamboo skin once processed into raw materials such as block, after crushing of wood particle size small, wood wool fiber, the advantages of uniform discharge. This series of equipment is widely used in the spare parts of small and medium particle board and fiberboard production enterprises, and can also be used for the production of commercial wood chips in the self-employed.

The template shredder device does not require the cumbersome installation procedure, only the power supply can be connected to the production. Dawn provides a template shredder installation service. A large waste wood crushing mill requires 2-3 people to operate. Easy to learn, most of the operators are able to operate after a short operation.


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