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How to improve the value of the metal shredder?

There are many kinds of metal shredders, and there are many kinds of recycling machines. For example, there are many bicycles to be recycled. I will choose a metal shredder. In fact, there are many mysteries in this crusher. "Various" metal shredder. A bicycle crusher, the broken things are probably irregular, and the price is also very high, but the recycling resources are very limited. The used bicycles are far less than the cans, paint buckets, scrap metal sheets and scrap steel on the market! This way we can not play his maximum performance without the bicycle equipment! The shredder manufacturer teaches you how to play the "variety" metal shredder. It is well known that the number of cans and paint buckets is very large, and the resource recovery rate is high. This kind of scrap metal is broken into small particles, which can be sold at a good price in the foundry, but the material broken by the large bicycle crusher is very large. We can achieve this effect by adjusting the screen. The particle size ranges from half a cent to three centimeters, so the bicycle crusher is also called a can crusher and a paint bucket crusher.

The shredder manufacturer metal shredder is equipped with a main motor. It can be equipped with different motors according to the customer's crushing materials. If the customer is mainly based on bicycle briquetting materials, it is better to have a large power point, so that customers can be guaranteed. The output should be based on crushed light and thin materials, such as cans, paint buckets, color steel tiles, thin iron and other small motors, which can save energy and improve work efficiency.

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