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Waste plastic shredder

Processing Capacity: 0.5-50t/h

Feeding size:

Applied material: plastic materials,papers,carboard,wood,etc.

Application field:

Waste plastic shredder

Product introduction

Plastic shredder is a kind of equipment widely used in processing waste materials. The volume of processed waste materials is smaller and more convenient to handle or can be used as raw materials for other products. The plastic shredder is mainly composed of a frame, a reducer, a motor, a shock absorber, a knife box, a knife shaft, a movable knife, a fixed knife, a feed port, a safety inspection frame, and a safety isolation net.

Product advantages

1. Fully automated intelligent mechanical equipment and operation functions include various aspects, and the operation is simple.

2. It uses squeezing and biting blades, which can completely and evenly shred the materials into small particles with high quality.

3. The structure is sturdy and sturdy. The densely distributed reinforcing steel bars are used as raw materials to ensure the solidity of the box body. Even if it is used for many years, it will not be damaged.

4. The descending speed is driven by a motor, saving time, can be operated by one person, saving manpower, low energy consumption and high efficiency, and is equipped with conveyor belt feeding equipment.

Working principle

The materials enter the shredding box through the feeding system, and the shredding blade and metal shredder are carried on the box. The materials are shredded into small pieces by the combined effects of shredding blades torn, squeezed, and sheared and discharged from the lower part of the box.

Technical data

Model Blade(mm) Power(kw) Rotating Speed(r/min) Yield(t/h) Finished product(mm) Weight(t)
YH-500 220 7.5*2 10-14 0.5-1 2-10 2.5
YH-600 300 22*2 10-14 1-1.5 2-10 4.5
YH-800 400 30*2 10-14 2-2.5 3-10 6
YH-1000 400 37*2 10-14 2-4 3-10 7.5
500 45*2 10-14 2-6 3-10 9
YH-1200 500 55*2 7-14 3-6 3-10 12
600 75*2 7-14 5-10 4-10 16
YH-1500 600 90*2 7-14 10-16 4-10 23
YH-2000 600 110*2 5-14 15-25 7-20 28
700 160*2 5-14 20-50 7-20 35

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