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Deal with the failure of the impact crusher belt turning in time

The impact crusher is a relatively familiar crushing equipment. The impact crusher drives the rotor inside the machine to rotate at a high speed on the bearing, and the bearing is driven by the belt.Under normal circumstances, the belt will not malfunction, but it is not absolute.The belt may turn over during movement, how should we solve it?

If the belt of the impact crusher is turned over, it may be due to the long production time and serious wear of the belt, so new belt parts need to be replaced; if the belt pulley is not adjusted to the same level during the installation and configuration process, the belt will also be twisted by the eccentric force. The belt is turned over, so you can pay attention to the adjustment during the installation of the pulley to ensure the concentricity of the belt;belt overturning may be due to the quality of the belt itself. Impact crushers of different specifications have different production and operation strengths.Therefore, it is necessary to configure appropriate belts to ensure excellent belt quality.And can drive the rotor to do high-speed operation, can withstand long-term uninterrupted production work.

The belt turnover of the impact crusher is a minor fault. If it can be found and repaired in time, it will generally not have any serious impact on the production operation, but if it is not solved in time, it is likely to affect the normal production work. Only by understanding the causes of the belt turnover of the impact crusher can we carry out targeted inspections to eliminate faults and ensure the safety of equipment and operators.

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