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How to deal with serious abrasion of plate hammer of limestone impact crusher

Limestone impact crusher mainly uses impact energy to achieve the crushing of materials. There is a plate hammer inside the impact crusher. After entering the equipment, the limestone material will impact on the continuously rotating plate hammer to get the first crushing, and then it will be thrown to the impact device to crush again. It can be seen from the principle of the limestone impact crusher that the material can be broken again without interruption In the crushing process, the severely worn part is the plate hammer, which is an inevitable problem of the impact crusher. Even if the hard material is used to make the plate hammer, it will also be worn under the long-term impact. So, how to deal with these problems?

The reflection mentioned above is aimed at some users. The limestone impact crusher can not only crush limestone, but also crush many other materials. Although it is widely used, it also has a range of applications. However, in actual production, many users use limestone impact crusher to crush any kind of material after purchasing the equipment, which results in the plate The hammer is seriously worn. In addition, the plate hammer of limestone impact crusher needs to be replaced frequently, especially in the case of often crushing materials with higher hardness. If the impact crusher is used to crush materials directly, it will inevitably lead to serious damage to the plate hammer. Because the impact crusher uses impact energy to crush materials, it is recommended to crush materials with medium hardness and lower hardness For large materials, jaw crusher can be used as primary crushing equipment and impact crusher as secondary crushing equipment.

If the wear of the plate hammer is light, repair measures should be taken in time. If you want to solve this problem thoroughly, you need to choose a plate hammer with better wear resistance. However, to achieve better production effect, the more economical method is to replace the equipment. If the user needs to consider the limestone impact crusher produced by Hongxing company, the plate hammer of the equipment is of domestic high quality Made of high chromium cast iron, it has stronger wear resistance and impact resistance, and can greatly reduce the wear degree in the production process. The equipment adopts multi-stage crushing process to ensure that the materials can be fully broken, thus bringing higher production income for users.

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