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Shredder can effectively recycle plastic tubing

In recent years, with the rapid development of large-caliber PE, ABS, PPR plastic tubes, how to effectively recycle plastic tubing?

Recycling waste production in the process of PE, ABS, PPR pipe and head material has many wide pipes production, to solve the problem, some manufacturer by buying expensive or high power and low efficiency of the equipment to recycle, investment cost is too high, some manufacturer will waste work manually cut into small pieces and then broken, recovery efficiency is extremely low. How to effectively recycle large-caliber PE plastic waste is a key research subject of PE plastic manufacturer.

My company dawn heavy industry after years of painstaking research and signed the advanced experience of similar products abroad, through continuously improve, has successfully developed the large-diameter plastic pipe automatic tore up unit, the tear for its high degree of automation, high production efficiency, gives users the economically efficient way of recycling waste, plastic pipe diameter and the nose. All the recycled PE plastic that can be put into the mouth of the feeding box is not cut and decomposed, which can be torn apart and broken.

Cooperate with secondary conveyor belt, to the crusher for crushing processing of the material can be directly to granulation production, greatly improving the plastic recycling time, shorten recovery link, so as to improve the work efficiency, reduce the operation cost for you.

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