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  • Brief introduction of wood shaving making machine
    We're a professional manufacture of wood shaving machine and our new type machine has been invented based on the introduction of processing technology of Turkey. The raw materials can be as follows:crabstick,tree branches,fork,leftover material and so on. Our wood shaving machine is widely used at home and abroad market.
    Working principle:
    1. Put the log in the feeding port. When starting the machine, turn it back and forth, hydraulic pressure, press down to the plane of machine planer, and then blow out of the box with the blow of the air flow after the cutting of the blade.
    2. The group of wood shavings is mainly composed of machine shell, cutter roller, motor, distribution cabinet and hydraulic system.Its stand is welded with high strength steel plate, which is the support base of the whole wood planer.
    3. The blade on the knife roller is made of professionally made blade bolt, which is fixed to the cutter roller through the pressure block;It can be adjusted up and down according to the thickness demand of shavings.
    4. Wood planer knife roller: stop the machine operation, open the shell, replaceable blade.
    Application range 
    1.It is widely used in chipboard (plywood), furniture manufacturing industry,it is very convenience for furniture factory;
    2.It is the raw material of wood pulp paper for paper making factory;
    3.In logistics, he can do some fragile padding, prevent damage;
    4.It is widely used in poultryyard as padding in animal lodge,different animal should be used difference thickness wood shavings;
    5.Besides,it can as the ignition material of  biological energy source.
    Technical data of wood shaving machine price
    Feeding length(cm) 140
    Feeding width(cm) 45
    Cutting head(pcs) 4
    Cutter(pcs) 6
    Speed(r/min) 4500
    Diameter(cm) 140
    Motor power(kw) 37
    Wood shaving depth(mm) 1-5
    Hopper stroke(mm) 2200
    Feeding speed(m/min) 6-15
    Dimension of the machine(W*L*H)(cm)    115*515*180
    Weight(kg) 2850
      Cutting depth
    1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm
    0.10 m/sc 427kg 654kg 880kg 1107kg 1334kg
    0.15 m/sc 540kg 880kg 1221kg 1561kg 1901kg
    0.20 m/sc 654kg 1107kg 1561kg 2014kg 2468kg
    0.25 m/sc 767kg 1334kg 1901kg 2468kg 3035kg


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