Waste Tire Shredder


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  • Waste tire shredder produced by Shuguang  designed with world-class technologies, low speed, high torgue operation minimize the noise and power consumption whist high throughput rates. 

    Our waste tire shredder has been equipped with planet gear speed reducer. It is smooth and reliable operation, low noise and higher safety.
    Cutting edge of knife is the special cemented carbide, which has been processed by high hardness and wear-resisting. The wearing part can be changed quickly. It has advantages of long service life, high efficiency and advanced technology.

    Waste tire shredders offer a solution to the problem of used tire disposal in that they reduce them to manageable sizes. After processing, tire shreds or chips can be used in many applications. In some cases, including:crumb rubber for playground surfaces,rubber powder for sport/turf fields,rubberized asphalt paving (rubber modified asphalt*),rubber powder for manufacturing of molded or extruded rubber parts.
    Our waste tire shredders can process a variety of tires:such as,car tires,truck tires,passenger tires,agricultural tires,tractor tires,off road tires (OTR),forklift tires,mining equipment tires,aircraft tires and so on.

    Detailed date
    Type Feed Size
    Power(kw) Blade Size
    Diameter(mm) Width(mm)
    SG600 <500*500*3 7.5-18.5 300-600 20-40
    SG800 <700*700*5 15-45 300-600 20-40
    SG1000 <800*800*8 30-55 300-700 30-100
    SG1200 <1000*800*10 30-90 300-700 40-100
    SG1500 <1000*1200*20 37-90 400-700 40-100
    SG1800 <1200*1500*25 55-110 500-700 40-100
    SG2000 <1500*1600*30 90-132 500-700 50-100


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