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  • Recycling tires can be very challenging, as their rubber blend is made up of roughly 30 different ingredients, making them extremely durable and tough to break down.Rubber tire shredder is a device that aids in the recycling process by shredding and altering the material so it can be transformed into various usable products.The complex nature of tires requires tire shredders to possess far more strength and force than any other kind of shredder. 

    Rubber tire shredder produced by shuguang features the new in shredding technology with two high-powered electric motors, Shuguang’s exclusive cutting blades and knives.The newly designed  cutting blade system is state-of-the-art shredding technology with low wear cost features for new or existing shredder systems.Each shredder contains replaceable knife inserts (24 for each blade) that provide 6 cutting edges per insert.(Operator can re-sharpen each insert 1x for an additional 6 cutting edges). Replacement is quick and easy with a common impact drill reducing downtime.Estimated blade life is 3 million PTE (Passenger Tire Equivalent) with an estimated wear life of 2,500 tons per knife-edge.This powerful combination provides years of worry free operation with minimal operating costs and maintenance.And it can process up to 30 tons/hour of whole car/truck tires with output range is 2” – 6” inch rough shreds.
    The rubber tire shredder features the ability to process other materials in addition to tires and scrap rubber.This kind of shredder can also be used for a wide variety of materials like: aluminium, paper, plastics and cables. The Tire shredder is capable of shredding Tires and therefore making Tire recycling easier. The end product, the Tire waste, can often be sold . It is a powerful all-purpose shredder that has the potential to alter the scrap rubber processing markets in addition to other waste applications.
    Working principle of Rubber Tire shredder
    Rubber tire shredder is composed of motor, hard tooth surface reducer, rotary knife shaft, special alloy movable knife, fixed knife, frame, box body and working platform. During the crushing process, the knife claw on the rotor dragged the material into the crushing cavity. Material through the tear blade tear, extrusion, shear and other comprehensive role, tear into small pieces of material, discharged from the lower part of the box.
    1.Environmental Benefits through Proper Disposal
    Tire shredders help in the recycling process of used tires for proper disposal, instead of letting them pollute the environment, take up space in landfills and risk public health.
    2.Immense Potential for Processed Tire Re-Use
    By easing the process of recycling, rubber tire shredders allow the re-use of scrap tires in the following ways:
    (1)Rubberized asphalt is widely used to pave roads.
    (2)Fuel derived from recycling tires is used to produce energy, which burns cleaner than oil and coal, and reduces fossil fuel consumption.
    (3)Rubber-encased rail road ties prove to be highly durable and typically last up to 60-90 years.
    (4)Repurposed rubber can be used to make shoes, bags, belts, etc., as well as decorative products, furniture, flooring and more.


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