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  • [Introduce]
    The pulse dust remover is when dust containing gas from the air inlet into the dust, the first encounter between inlet and outlet inclined plate and baffles, air turned into the ash bucket, while the air flow slowed, due to inertia, so that the gas in the coarse particles directly into the dust hopper. From the pre collecting function, airflow into the hopper and then fold trapped in the outer surface of the filter bag to bag dust through inside the metal skeleton, purified gas into the filter bag chamber is clean room, converge to the outlet discharge process of dust containing gas through the filter bag cleaning, with the increase of time and product of more and more dust in the bag on the bag, increase resistance, the volume gradually reduced, to work, to control the resistance in a certain range (140--170 mm of water), must clean dust on bag filter, cleaning by pulse control instrument sequence trigger each control valve opening pulse valve, compressed air within the package by the hole injection pipe through the venturi tube jet into the corresponding filter bag, the bag instantly expands rapidly, the deposition in the surface of the falling dust filter bag, bag regeneration. Clear the dust falling into the ash bucket, ash removal system of the body. Therefore, the dust attached to the filter bag is periodically pulsing and blowing dust, so that the purifying gas is passed normally to ensure the operation of the dust removal system.
    [Application range]
    The pulse precipitator is a new high efficiency pulse dust collector which is improved on the basis of bag filter. It combines the advantages of all kinds of pulse blowing dust remover, and overcomes the shortcomings of the room dust cleaning intensity and the inhomogeneous distribution of inlet and outlet. It expands the application scope.
    [ Working principle]
    The pulse dust remover is a method to get rid of the filter medium by blowing compressed air (bag or cartridge) attached to the dust; according to the size of dust collector may have several groups of pulse valve, a pulse controller or PLC control, every time a group of pulse valve to remove dust it controls part of the bag or filter the cylinder, while the other bag or cartridge work, for a long time after the next set of pulse valve open, clean up the part,...... All the time.
    [Main features]
    1.It is suitable for comminution of ductile, fibrous, sponge like, high oil content and high sugar content materials which are hard to crush by ordinary grinder, and has good crushing effect on hard and brittle materials.
    2.It can produce a product with arbitrary granularity between D50:2 and 75 mu.
    3.Compact structure, small area, low installed power, wide application and high cost performance.
    4.The whole machine is easy to disassemble and clean, suitable for refueling operations.
    5.Design and production meet the standards of GMP, C-GMP and FDA.
     Technical data 
      DMC-32 DMC-48 DMC-64 DMC-80 DMC-96 DMC-112
    Filter area(m2 24 36 48 60 72 84
    Filtration velocity(m/min) 1.04~1.67 1.15~1.62 1.21~1.74 1.25~1.67 1.27~1.62 1.28~1.68
    Airflow(m3/h) 1500~2400 2500~3500 3500~5000 4500~6000 5500~7000 6500~8500
    Filter bag(strip) 32 48 64 80 96 112
    Air consumption(m3/min) 0.032 0.048 0.064 0.08 0.096 0.11
    Inlet concentration(mg/Nm3 200
    Outlet concentration(mg/Nm3 50
    Injection pressure(Mpa) 0.5~0.7
    Bear negative pressure(Pa) 5000
    Equipment resistance(Pa) ≤1200
    Pulse valve Specifications 1"
    Number(Unit) 4 6 8 10 12 14
    Motor type power
    Y90S-2 Y90L-2 Y100L-2 Y132S1-2 Y132S1-2 Y132S2-2
    1.5 2.2 3.0 5.5 5.5 7.5
    Equipment weight DMC(A)
    1350 1620 1850 2360 2800 3200
    1220 1470 1670 2150 2540 2880


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