Chaff cutter  

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  • Application range]
    It used for cutting (dry) maize straw, rice straw and other crop straw and pasture, Suitable for raising cattle under 30 to zap or under 100 sheep sheep farm.
    [Main features]
    1.Steel structure main machine,small volume,low weight,convenient to move.
    2.Design safety device, put an end to accidents on the knife, the machine safe and reliable.
    3.Grass roller shaft choose universal coupling, compact structure, flexible operation, easy to tear open outfit .
    4.Supporting dynamic variety selection, motor, diesel engine, tractors can form a complete set, especially for electric power is more suitable for lack of area. 
    5.Blade using high-quality steel, refined by a special process, super wear resistance; Using high strength bolts, the use of safe and reliable. 
    6.Chassis use thickening steel continuous welded together, the overall die forming, suppress labels, beautiful and easy, durable. 
    7.Price is superior, the same productivity of ensilage machine price lowest.
    Technical data 
    Model 93Z-12C 93Z-9C 93Z-6C 93Z-5C 93Z-3.0C 93Z-2C 93Z-1.5C
    Motor(kw) 18.5-22 15-18.5 7.5-11 5.5 4 3 2.2
    Diesel(hp) ≥22 ≥18 ≥12 ≥10 ≥8 ≥5 ≥5
    Capacity(t/h) 8-25 6-20 4-15 2-8 1-4 1-2 0.6-1.5
    Length of finished product(cm) This series machine has a short, empty, long three gear, can Zha long and short grass is suitable for all kinds of livestock feed (such as horses, cattle, sheep, rabbit, pig)
    Size(m) 2.6×2.3×4.2 2.6×2.2×4.1 2.1×1.6×2.7 1.8×1.6×2.4 1.2×1.2×1.7 1.1×1.0×1.5 1.0×1.0×1.2


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