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A comprehensive introduction to the impact crusher dust collector

When the impact crusher is working, it is mainly crushed by tapping, which will increase the amount of dust, and the powder will easily fly out and cause environmental pollution. Therefore, it is necessary to install a dust collector on the equipment to reduce dust spillage. So, what is a dust collector? This article will give a comprehensive introduction to the impact crusher dust collector.

The role of dust collector

The impact crusher dust collector is a device that separates dust from the flue gas. It mainly covers the dust-producing equipment with a closed cover,or make a dust collection chamber to form a uniform negative pressure in the hood to avoid dust overflow,or use an open suction hood to form a suction airflow, control the exposed dusting area in a small range, so that the airflow with dust is sucked away, and then purified by a dust collector and discharged into the atmosphere through an exhaust tube.

Advantages of dust collector

The dust collector of the Shuguang machinery impact crusher has the advantages of compact structure, low resistance, simple operation and convenient maintenance; in addition, the dust collector shell adopts the shape of a cylindrical dome, which has uniform force and good anti-explosion performance; the high-pressure fan blows back and cleans the dust, which is not restricted by the air source conditions; it can be equipped with a flat long filter bag to reduce the use of space.

Modification of dust collector

Since the dust collecting hood has a negative pressure near the dust removal air pipe, a satisfactory collection effect can be achieved, but the effect of far away from the dust removal air pipe is not very good. Therefore, it is necessary to transform the dust collector of the impact crusher. The specific methods are as follows: ①Set up the active window;②Reduce the pressure in the balance dust hood;③Add dust suction pipe.

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