Matters needing attention before starting plastic film shredder


Plastic film shredder can effectively help us to shredd waste plastics, films, etc., in order to reduce transportation costs and reduce waste of raw materials. When starting the equipment of plastic film shredder, there are many things that need to be noticed, such as checking the surrounding equipment before starting, only to ensure that all the equipment is normal before starting to work. So what aspects should we pay attention to before starting the equipment of plastic film shredder?
1. Before starting the plastic film shredder, check whether the bolts are loose or not. Once the bolts are loose, they should be tightened immediately to avoid vibration or more serious consequences.
2. Check the aging of each line, the connection between the line and the motor is normal enough to ensure that there will be no power connection or short circuit phenomenon after starting.
3. Check the elasticity of the triangle belt to see if the belt operates the belt shell, and when starting the equipment to ensure that there are no people around, and whether the auxiliary equipment is all right.
4. When working, remember to grasp the feeding speed, not to overshoot, overshoot or overshoot, so as to make the equipment work in a more perfect state, so as to give full play to the performance of the equipment.

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