The maintenance of the shredder machine is very important


The shredding machine is called universal because it has a wide range of shredding. Big to car shell, small to paint bucket, soft to shredding plastic bag type plastic products, or material and hard and hard tires, shredding machine can be shredding, and the size of the shredder material can be adjusted, users can adjust the size of the material according to the needs.
Shredder equipment attention to routine maintenance, under normal circumstances, there will be no trouble, unless the machine takes a long time to aging. But the user will need to know, to do daily maintenance properly, such as lubricating oil, some users know only by the amount of time to add lubricant to maintenance, quality of the lubricating oil is not concerned. If you add these inferior lubricating oil, through the mechanical operation, the oil poor oil will be full of the whole machinery equipment, coupled with the long time operation of mechanical heating, accelerate oil volatilization, mechanical movement driven by friction. These friction parts are easy to absorb volatile oil pollution, these oil pollution is more corrosive, sometimes we will see someone to use kerosene to clean the engine, that is, the use of kerosene corrosion, the electronic components inside the mechanical equipment can not resist this corrosion, the shredding machine will have a variety of faults. Such as mechanical noise, bad contact and so on. So when we use the maintenance of lubricating oil with good quality, so as to make the daily maintenance you worked hard, the probability of mechanical failure will be much smaller.

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