How to deal with the emergency failure of the plastic shredding machine?


As a mechanical equipment used for recycling of waste plastics, the plastic rip machine has the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, and it also effectively reduces the waste advantages of plastic raw materials, and has been favored by the majority of users. However, as a mechanical device, the efficiency of the equipment will be determined according to the different operating methods. What is the cause of the sudden shutdown of the plastic shredding machine when it works? And how should this situation be solved? Next, the professional shredder machine manufacturer will give you a detailed analysis and answer.
If there is a sudden shutdown, cut off the power immediately and avoid two accidents. Second, check to see if it is because of the blockage of the discharge mouth, then the operator must follow the instructions, can not ignore the capacity of the equipment because of the output, if the equipment can bear the scope will not work. Check whether the line is aging or the temperature of the parts is too high and the tool wear is too serious. If the voltage is too low, the voltage should be shut down immediately. If it works in a low voltage environment, not only the efficiency can not reach the requirement, but also the equipment and motor will be damaged, so it is the key that the voltage of the machine can work properly.

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