Five points of attention for metal shredding machine


Five points of attention to the metal shredding machine:
1. The metal shredding machine is necessary to open the machine to check the hypothesis that the shredding machine is powered by diesel engine, and the power of both of them should be matched, that is, the power of the diesel engine is slightly greater than the power of the shredding machine, and the belt pulley groove of the two is not fit. The outer end of the pulley should be on the same plane. Before starting the machine, it is necessary to check the fastening bolts of each part of the unit, the price of the old household appliances shredding machine, the tightness of the transmission belt is not suitable, the power line is not outstanding. The shaft of the motor is not parallel to the shredded shaft. Look at the blade, and the screen is not outstanding.
2. The installation of the metal shredding machine is fixed. The metal shredder should be fixed on the cement foundation. If the working address is often changed, the shredder and the motor must be installed on the frame made of angle iron, so that the metal shredder will not be damaged due to movement.
3. Safety operation request during metal shredder operation. In the work, pay attention to the working condition of the shredder at any time, feed evenly, scrap iron crushing equipment manufacturers, so as to prevent clogging, and do not work overtime for a long time. If there are oscillations, murmurs, bearing and body temperature crossing too high, and spraying materials outside, parking should be immediately checked to remove shortcomings and work ahead. Shredded materials should be carefully examined. No foreign matter such as stone or metal can be mixed to avoid damaging the machine. When the machine works, the operator may not divide the unit, nor can it be taken in the work to look at the working condition of the rip room, and the maintenance tool is not on the machine or the packing. Operators do not wear gloves, when there is a blockage, no hand into the stuffing bucket, when feed should stand in the side of the rip machine, in order to prevent the rebound of debris to hurt the face. Do not stop immediately after the work is finished. You should turn around for 2 to 3 minutes, so that the material in the machine can be discharged completely.
4. Metal shredder machine after the boot of the matter. After turning on the machine, turn the equipment 2 to 3 minutes to see whether the rotor is accurate or not. As long as the rolling speed is stabilized at extra speed, it will work.
5. Maintenance of metal shredder after shutdown. After the metal shredder is shut down, the cleaning and maintenance work should be stopped. The blade is the main wearing part. After wearing it, the blade should be exchanged with both sides in the same direction. When the new blade is converted, the whole blade should be converted together instead of using a single blade to replace the old one. Sieves are also vulnerable parts, such as part of the screen is damaged, enough rivet repair, severe damage to the need to change the new screen. After working for 300 hours, the metal shredder must clean the bearings and change the oil. When parking in a long time, the belt should be unloaded.

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