How to choose shredder blade for metal shredder?


For a metal shredder, the shredder blade is one of the most important components. It can be said that the value of the metal shredder is reflected by the shredder blade. If there is no shredder blade, the metal shredder will not work at all. Therefore, the quality and ease of use of the metal shredder blades directly affect the effectiveness and output of the metal shredder. So how does a metal shredder choose a shredder blade?
The shredder tools are divided into two-major categories, single-axis tools and multi-axis tools. Uniaxial shredder tool selection material is relatively simple, there are two materials before the selection of 9CrSi and Cr12MoV, in the subsequent production found that Cr12MoV made of single axis shredder blade has a more excellent cost performance, so now Hony mechanical All uniaxial knives use Cr12MoV material. In multi-axis shredder cutters, there are more commonly used materials, which are mainly divided into two categories: die steel and tool steel. Due to the perfect wear resistance and hardenability of the die steel material, the shredder blade produced is a high-end route, commonly used are DC53, D2, SKD11, Cr12MoV and so on. The tool steel, because it is cheaper, has better toughness and impact resistance, and is used as a shredding of some conventional plastic shredded wood. The commonly used materials are 6CrW2Si and 9CrSi.
The material that needs to be shredded during the operation of the metal shredder cannot be a single kind. Usually, all kinds of miscellaneous materials are put together and shredded. This situation is very challenging for metal shredder blades. If the toughness of the metal shredder blade is not enough, it is likely to cause the shredder to crack when tearing some harder materials. If the main material for the shredder operation is soft, this cracking directly leads to the waste of the shredder cutter, which is very unfortunate and unnecessary. Therefore, choosing a shredder blade with high abrasion resistance and high toughness is an important way to protect the metal shredder, improve the working efficiency of the metal shredder, and increase the productivity of the shredder.

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