What factors affect the output of domestic plastic shredders?


Users who know about domestic plastic shredders know that there are many factors affecting the output of domestic plastic shredders when they work. For example, raw materials, humidity, voltage and so on, the types and characteristics of raw materials will have a certain impact on the output, but not very large. When the humidity of raw materials is high, it will increase the difficulty of crushing, which will affect the output. If the voltage is too low, it will also affect the output of wood mill. Even lead to motor burnout and other serious consequences, the following will give you a detailed analysis of material humidity on the production of domestic plastic shredders.
The humidity of raw materials is one of the factors affecting the output and quality of finished products of plastic shredders. Different plastic shredders have different working principles and their requirements for raw material humidity are also different. Through the long-term field experiments of plastic shredder manufacturers, it is found that the higher the humidity of raw materials, the more the output of plastic shredder will decrease. Therefore, it is recommended that customers choose the raw materials with lower humidity as far as possible when choosing raw materials. Using plastic shredder for a long time to crush raw materials with high humidity may result in blockage of screen mesh, which will lead to blockage of outlet and delay production efficiency, and rust is easy and difficult to clean up inside the equipment. It is suggested that when crushing raw materials with excessive humidity, the raw materials should be exposed to the sun for a few days before crushing or choosing a hot day so as to effectively reduce the humidity of wood.

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