Causes of blade wear in tire shredder


What are the causes of blade wear in tire shredder? This is the concern of tire shredder users, which is also the problem faced by Shuguang Heavy Machinery tire shredder manufacturers.
Abrasive wear: abrasive wear is also called mechanical abrasion wear. This kind of wear refers to the wear caused by hard particles (such as carbides, debris, etc.) on the workpiece or chips, which scratch the surface of the tool with different depth of grooves. The higher the hardness of the workpiece or chip, the more the number, the smaller the hardness ratio of the tool to the workpiece, the easier the blade wear. Therefore, the tire crusher blade must have a higher hardness, more, finer and uniformly distributed hard particles in order to improve the wear resistance of the cutter.
Bond wear. When cutting rubber material, chips and rake face, workpiece of tire shredder and flank face are bonded under higher pressure and appropriate chip temperature. Particles with lower local strength on the surface of blade are taken away by chips or workpiece bond, which causes blade wear. In general, it is easy to produce bonding when cutting chips at medium or low speed; bonding wear can also occur when processing difficult-to-machine materials such as titanium alloy or stainless steel containing titanium with YT cemented carbide.
Oxidation wear, oxidation wear is also a kind of chemical wear. It refers to the oxidation of oxygen in the air with cobalt, tungsten carbide and titanium carbide in cemented carbide at high temperature to produce softer oxides, which are easy to be scratched or taken away by chips, workpieces and cause tool wear.
In the cutting process of tire shredder, the tool rubs strongly with cutting and workpiece in contact area under high temperature and pressure, which makes the sharp cutting part wear away gradually and loses its normal cutting ability. This phenomenon is called tool bluntness. In order to restore the normal cutting performance of the tool, it is necessary to grind it in time. The grinded tool shall meet the following requirements:
1. The cutting part of the cutting tool of the tire shredder has the correct geometry and sharp cutting edge.
2. The radial and circular runout of the cutting edge of a multi-edged tool should not exceed the prescribed tolerance. The single-edged tool used on an automatic line or machine tool should be controlled to keep the position of the tool tip unchanged.
3. The front and rear face of the tool should meet the surface roughness requirement before grinding.
4. Burns and cracks are not allowed on the surface of the tool blade of a tire shredder after grinding.

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