Operation skills of tire shredder


Tire shredder is a high efficiency, low energy consumption, pollution-free tire recycling equipment. The equipment is a kind of equipment that shears, tears and crushes waste tires into small pieces, which are then used for refining, making rubber powder or paving roads. With the development of economy, the intellectualization and high-speed development of waste tire comprehensive utilization industry will be the nature of the times. 
No matter what kind of machinery is used in operation, there are always some small skills to help us better use, improve the efficiency of use, tire shredder is no exception, what kind of small skills are more practical in the process of working tire shredder? Now let's have a look.
1. Tire shredder preheating and idling before starting, many people ignore this small detail, but facts have proved that the shredder before working through idling preheating can greatly improve its working status and service life.
2. Choose the same kind of material as far as possible, for example, when we tear wood, we will tear wood all the time. When we tear open cans, we will transplant open cans to tear open cans. This will ensure the working effect of the shredder, and the shredded products will be more uniform. At the same time, it also has the function of protecting the shredder.
3. The lubrication of the shredder should be done well, not only to improve the output and production capacity, but also to prolong the service life of the shredder.
4. The shredder should discharge the material completely after the work is finished, and then shut down the machine.
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