Low Speed Operation of Double Shaft Shredding Machine


The double shaft shredder is usually used in waste treatment such as biomass, used tires, industrial waste, household waste, electronic waste, plastic waste, waste paper, etc., and the shredder blade that can cooperate with different raw materials can reach different. Breaking effect. The shredder has the advantages of low speed, high torque, low noise and high power. The effect of shredding is primarily determined by the width of the shredder blade and the length between the cutting edges. The width of the shredder blade determines the width of the shredded material. There is a degree of pain between the mechanical blades, so that the blade has a rotation speed difference when rolling, so that the shredder blade can shred the object together with the cutting work on the waste waste. And then greatly improved the shredding effect of the waste, greatly increasing the efficiency of shredding. When the twin-shaft shredder is running at low speed, noise and dust can reach high environmental standards.

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