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Waste steel refers to the period of industrial production, due to long-term non use, rust, aging, the general thickness of less than 5mm is suitable for environmental recycling after tearing, and used for two times. Scrap steel shredder is a new equipment for scrap recycling.
Scrap steel shredder has many advantages such as low noise, less power consumption, stable output and wide application scope. It is the best choice for scrap recycling line. Waste steel recycling production line generally includes, conveying equipment, coarse crushing equipment, tearing equipment, screening and separation equipment, selection of dust removal and purification equipment, the whole process, absolutely conform to the environmental requirements, without the task of chemical pollution, pure physical recovery.
Zhengzhou Shuguang machinery is a professional manufacturer of scrap shredder machine equipment, with rich experience, continuous enterprising and innovation, has been in the field of waste steel recycling, in the industry leading position. Shuguang scrap steel shredder machine equipment performance stable, complete model, the needs of customers can contact us directly, to understand detailed product information and quotations, welcome your call.

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