What are the main parts of PE jaw crusher


What are the main parts of PE jaw crusher? PE jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame, jaw plate and side guard plate, transmission parts, adjustment device, flywheel, lubrication device and other crusher components. In order to better understand the various components of this equipment, this paper has a detailed understanding of each component.
PE jaw crusher frame is a four wall rigid frame with upper and lower openings, which is used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of the crushed materials. It is required to have sufficient strength and rigidity. Generally, cast steel is used as a whole casting, and high-quality cast iron can also be used to replace cast steel for small-sized machines. The frame of the mainframe needs to be cast in sections, and then firmly linked with bolts as a whole, so the casting process is complex. The frame of self-made small jaw crusher can also be welded with thick steel plate, but its rigidity is poor.
2. Jaw and side guard
The fixed jaw and moving jaw of PE jaw crusher are composed of jaw bed and jaw plate, which are fixed on the jaw bed with bolts and wedge iron. The jaw bed of fixed jaw is the front wall of the frame. The movable jaw bed is hung on the periphery, and it should have enough strength and rigidity to bear the crushing reaction, so most of them are cast steel or cast iron.
3. Transmission parts
The eccentric shaft of PE jaw crusher is the main shaft of crusher, which is made of high carbon steel due to great bending torque. The eccentric part must be finished, heat treated, and the bearing bush must be poured with Babbitt alloy. One end of the eccentric shaft is equipped with a pulley, and the other end is equipped with a flywheel.
4. Regulating device
The adjustment device of PE jaw crusher is wedge type, base plate type and hydraulic type. Generally, wedge type is adopted, which is composed of front and rear wedge blocks. The front wedge block can be moved back and forth to resist the back push plate. The rear wedge block is an adjustment wedge, which can be moved up and down, and the inclined surfaces of the two wedge blocks are reversed to fit. The screw rod makes the rear wedge move up and down to adjust the size of the discharge port. The discharge port adjustment of small jaw crusher is realized by increasing or decreasing the number of gasket between the thrust plate support and the frame.
The flywheel of PE jaw crusher is used to store the energy when the moving jaw is empty, and then it is used for industrial formation, so that the working of the machine tends to be uniform. The pulley also acts as a flywheel. Flywheels are usually made of cast iron or cast steel, and flywheels of small machines are often made of integral type. Pay attention to static balance during flywheel manufacturing and installation.
6. Lubricating device
Eccentric shaft bearings are usually lubricated by centralized circulation. The supporting surface of the spindle and thrust plate is generally lubricated with grease through a manual oil gun. The swing angle of the moving jaw is very small, which makes it difficult to lubricate between the spindle and the bearing bush. Usually, a number of axial oil grooves are opened at the bottom of the bearing bush, and a circular oil groove is opened in the middle to make it connected. Then, the oil pump is forced to inject dry grease for lubrication.
The above parts of PE jaw crusher are introduced in detail, so that users can better understand the structure of the equipment, so as to operate and maintain the equipment correctly.
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