Jaw crusher requires greater pressure and impact during operation


Jaw crushers are commonly used in the field of gravel. The jaw crusher uses the jaws to squeeze each other to crush the middle stone. The middle stone is crushed, broken, split, etc. Jaw crushers are easy to use and a common problem with crushing equipment is high mechanical noise. With the progress of crushing technology and the emergence of new materials and processes, the emergence of new environmentally friendly electronic crushers has solved this problem well. This crusher is not only low noise. The output is still higher. Jaw crushers should "reduce dialogue and do more."
 First of all, jaw crushers should "speak less"
 1. What is "speak less"?
 Jaws of jaw crushers are different from ours. The jaw crusher does not speak by itself, but makes a sound when it breaks the stone. Just like speaking, "speak less" is more susceptible to user influence. In the mining area, people may first think of yellow sand and rumble. However, with the advancement of mining technology and the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection, the mining area is no longer the old face of the past, but a new way of environmental protection. Jaw crushers have less "zero" sound and lower noise from crushing.
 2. How does the electronic punch card machine "speak less"?
 If you want to reduce the noise of electronic circuit breakers and make you "speak less," you need to do two things. Fundamentally, the opportunity to break the machine makes a lot of noise, mainly when the stone breaks. Therefore, the impact sound of stones on the crushing cavity can be placed in the crushing cavity of the crusher, which can reduce noise and protect the human body. Second, the shock absorber is installed on the jaw crusher. Therefore, the dust removal device has the characteristics of a broken field, low noise, and low noise, and reduces the influence of noise on the surrounding people.
 Second, we should "do more things"
 1. What does "do more" mean?
 For electronic circuit breakers, its existence is to provide high-quality collectibles in all areas and bring high profits to users. Of course, "do more work" has higher yields and higher finished product specifications. There are many specifications and each output type is different. Under the same specifications, users will naturally care more about higher output and lower energy consumption.
 2. How to do more?
 If you want to increase production, improve emissions specifications and let jaw crushers "do more," make sure you have a few things: First, the failure rate is very low. Imagine a three-day two-headed maintenance. This crusher can bring high output; the second is the feeding device, which guarantees that the feeding port is larger, the feeding is more stable, and the output is higher. The third is that the crushing cavity is larger, there is no dead zone in crushing, and the output is higher. The design of the crushing cavity is reasonable, the crushing space is large, and there is no dead angle in the crushing area. Fourth, the mechanical stability is stronger. Jaw crushers require more pressure and impact during operation. In order to obtain higher yields, the operation stability is stronger.

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