Details can determine the service life of tire shredder


There are many details in the use of the tire shredder. Making good use of these details can not only prolong the service life of the tire shredder, but also increase its tearing efficiency and tear materials faster.
Here are eight details summarized for you,I hope you will pay attention to them.
1. Check the connecting bolts frequently, especially the square head bolts which fix the tooth plate to prevent loosening.
2. Lubricate every bearing bush, big and small gears and special-shaped gears 1-2 times in each shift to ensure sufficient lubricating oil inside the bearing bush and reduce the overbreaking damage of sleeve Bush and gear.
3. The feed size should not exceed the prescribed size, and the feeding should be continuous and uniform to prevent blocking phenomenon.
4. Check the temperature of bearing frequently. The temperature rise of Bearing Bush should not exceed 25-30 degrees centigrade of room temperature.
5. Bearing slideway of moving roll should be cleaned regularly to remove dust and impurities so as to prevent material from entering the moving roll and causing accidents.
6. Observe the working condition of safety pin at any time and find that the power supply should be cut off immediately after the safety pin is cut off, so as to prevent the excessive wear and tear of the matching surface of the large belt pulley caused by too long rotation time over the sleeve, and even produce axle-holding phenomenon and other accidents.
7. Operators must strictly implement the safety technical operating rules, eliminate the phenomenon of random operation, and prevent accidents of personal and equipment.
8. The power supply of the motor must be disconnected in case of sudden blackout, so as to prevent sudden calls from happening unexpectedly. Then take out the unripped material in the tire shredder to prevent the safety pin from being cut off due to excessive load when the shredder starts.

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